Jason Hoehn, PE

Principal, Senior Structural Engineer

Structural Engineering Group Leader


With 20 years of professional experience as a structural engineer and licensure in 26 states, Jason Hoehn provides vast knowledge and expertise to lead ISG’s Structural Engineering Group. Throughout his career, Jason has developed a reputation for designing cutting-edge structures that encompass the latest building technologies, systems and products. He has extensive experience in designing conventional steel-framed structures, pre-engineered metal building systems, pre-stressed concrete structures, wood-framed structures and light gauge steel-framed structures including numerous multi-story buildings.

Jason’s client-centric design approach provides facility owner’s a building that not only meets their needs but also a maximum return on their investment. Because of his approach and outstanding customer service he has developed many loyal, long-term relationships and a large base of repeat clients. Many of these clients are involved in the industrial, manufacturing and food processing industries and Jason has developed a special emphasis in these types of facilities. His expertise and the ability to work collaboratively with the architectural and engineering disciplines provide facility designs that are cost-effective and efficient for maximum production capacities.

During his career, Jason has also worked on a wide variety of forensic engineering projects including analysis of hundreds of structures damaged storms, tornadoes and excessive wind and snow loads.

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