Tom Brown

Industrial and Food Processing Advisor


Tom brings to ISG what can’t be taught, bought, or borrowed: real-life experience. When ISG leaders approached Tom in 2015, he had built a work history as diverse as the manufacturing and food processing products offered by his clients throughout his career. He has held positions ranging from Quality Assurance Technician at a dairy production plant to the Vice President of Operations at Primera Foods, helping him gain insight into the technical details of manufacturing and processing all the way through to the international intricacies of complex industrial markets.

With customer service expertise and a reputation for responsible, collaborative project management, Tom offers our clients facility guidance that considers the entire manufacturing process, from raw material procurement and quality control to final product packaging and distribution. His incredibly diverse industry knowledge, practical approach to problem solving, and ability to understand what is at the core of each client’s needs has positioned Tom as one of the firm’s most valuable assets in his current position as an ISG Business Development Professional.

  • Context
  • Achiever
  • Individualization
  • Responsibility
  • Arranger
tom.brown@is-grp.com 608.789.2034