When it comes to dining, entertainment, and lodging, it’s ISG’s goal to go above the stereotypical and surpass consumer expectations. ISG’s vast list of clientele is represented by hotels and restaurants, national chains, and independents, who are experiencing the bottom-line success of dynamic indoor and outdoor environments—the result of our team’s visionary and responsive project approach.

To us, a hospitality design is more than just a space. Our bold, yet enticing designs draw people in, inspiring them to gather, celebrate, and enjoy. They’re the spark that ignites lasting memories. ISG’s multi-disciplinary team of experts use specialized skills in planning and design to create flexible spaces that accommodate the needs of consumers and personnel, culturally fit, and compliment the physical surroundings all while addressing both maintenance costs and building performance.

Brian Gjerde PE
Facility elements that go unnoticed by most, such as quality mechanical, electrical, and structural systems, have as direct an impact on overall customer experience as the architectural design of any given space. We strive to provide comprehensive, custom solutions that make customers want to visit time and time again.

Brian Gjerde PE | Vice President, Project Delivery