Clean water is one of the most fundamental human needs, making the investment in quality water, wastewater, stormwater, and groundwater infrastructure critical responsibilities of municipal partners. With expertise designing lift stations, sewer rehabilitations, well construction, water and sewer trunk extensions, and water/wastewater treatment facilities for communities across the Midwest, ISG helps clients provide residents safe, affordable, and dependable utilities while practicing responsible and proactive land stewardship.

Not only are ISG engineers mastered at planning systems for treatment plants, but they are also skilled in their day-to-day operations. Our firm is home to a full team of ISG employees who hold DNR Certificated Operator status in the Drinking Water Treatment, Drinking Water Distribution, and Wastewater Treatment categories. Accumulating over 3,600 hours of service annually, this group of individuals provide sludge judging, valve exercising, and routine operations for municipal partners and their communities.

ISG Water/Wastewater Brochure

ISG Water/Wastewater Operator Expertise