Geographic Information Systems

To assist ISG professionals in planning and decision-making, ISG uses the latest in geographic information system (GIS) technology. This system is designed to organize, assess, and combine geographic data from multiple sources. The data stored within a GIS are fully integrated, which allows the user to query information related to a particular layer by attribute or graphically by selecting an object.

GIS information makes presentations to clients, officials, and the public more understandable. Maps prepared from this data can highlight the impactful issues of a project in a way that brings stronger clarity to decision makers. GIS sets clients at ease knowing they more thoroughly understand the nuances of their project. It’s the key to successful planning and is just one more tool ISG employs to bring working ingenuity to projects.

Geographic Information Systems

  • Blue Earth County Ditch No. 57

  • Greater Minnesota Gas Pipeline

  • Madison Lake Regionalization

  • Mining Project

  • Rail Facilities