There is a significant amount of work and extensive knowledge necessary to efficiently run the day-to-day activities of a municipality. City clerks and administrators work hard and wear several hats – and they readily admit that often times some extra assistance and expertise could benefit their City. Many, however, are reluctant to request assistance due to budgetary concerns. In the spirit of working ingenuity, ISG has created a Customized Municipal Solutions Program. Our group has former city administrators on staff that helped to build an affordable and approachable program that offers a wide array of city administrative services.

We offer two plans—an annual value based contract and hourly contract, both of which are tailored to the needs of each city. The value based contract allows us to collaborate upfront about the annual services client’s desire and determine a mutually agreed upon cost for such services. In addition, the value based contract comes with the peace of mind that ISG is there to assist with any need or question that may arise, and it will be covered under the agreement. The hourly contract allows great flexibility and is great for project-based needs that arise unexpectedly.