At ISG, our philosophy of responsive service extends far beyond a business approach and reaches out to the communities where we live and work. The 290+ employees of ISG are an energetic, concerned, involved, and inventive group who apply their talents for the good of others by working with local non-profit and community organizations as volunteers, mentors, and leaders. Outside of their daily work, ISG employees support hundreds of additional causes across the U.S. and beyond, applying their skills and passions to address important issues that impact our quality of life such as strong local workforces, healthy neighborhoods, and robust economic growth in their communities.

As a firm, ISG gives back to more than 60 nonprofits, a number of which are organizations where our employees hold member or leadership positions. Our involvement ranges from national organizations, such as United Way and Habitat for Humanity, to local and state nonprofits, such as the Mankato Symphony and Des Moines Downtown Chamber. ISG contributes to and participates in events for a variety of arts and culture, history, athletic, education, and local organizations, reflecting the unique passions of our employees while supporting a dynamic, vibrant world.

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