Eric Eby

Director, Information Technology


Eric manages the IT infrastructure for ISG’s eight Midwest office locations. He enjoys interacting with co-workers to gather information and provide solutions for end users to work hassle-free. His expertise in networking, virtualization, WAN implementation, operating systems, phones, and wide variety of software efficiently maintains the firm’s capabilities, expediting daily tasks performed by the entire staff.

Driven to successfully install, upgrade, and maintain communications, computing, and printing equipment company-wide, Eric establishes goals and expectations to be met on a daily basis. To improve the firm’s connectivity speed and storage space, Eric lead the integration of Virtual Machine (VM) Hardware, a new technology in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that which enables users to access work files, software, and real-time documents from anywhere in the world with internet connection. Eric provided a keynote speech at the industry leading annual Midwest University conference in Minnesota to explain ISG’s success with VDI AutoDesk integration. His previous work experience in the transportation and financial auditing industries also gives Eric a well rounded understanding of the different needs of various markets.

Eric earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa and continues expanding his knowledge of IT advancements through active involvement with various industry organizations, conferences, and local leadership groups.


  • Relator
  • Achiever
  • Maximizer
  • Self-Assurance
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