Community Engagement

Many of the decisions our partners in the public sector face when embarking on major infrastructure or facility improvements have a long-lasting effect on their surrounding communities – not to mention, funding for such projects are frequently supported by tax-payer dollars. In order to ensure that such projects reflect the wants and needs of the very constituents they are meant to serve, ISG joins hands with our clients to facilitate targeted, meaningful public engagement during the planning and design processes.

No two projects, user, or stakeholder groups are the same, which is exactly why ISG offers a customized approach to community engagement, with activities and meeting styles that play to the strengths and personalities of each group. Youth-centered activities, walking-tours, visual listening, design charrettes, and online surveys are but a few of the creative ways to make the design and planning process interactive and effective.

By staying nimble, responsive, and welcoming throughout the process, project teams can help address community concerns early on in the planning process. Moreover, engaging the community serves to build momentum and consensus amongst elected officials, advocates, and the general public, thereby ensuring projects and programs move beyond their initial planning phases – not to mention, laying the foundations for lasting partnerships supporting future projects.

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