Baxter’s Hair Shop

Baxter’s Hair Shop

Mankato, MN

The owner of this unique salon wanted to create a vintage atmosphere through the use of raw textures, colors, and materials. The goal was to capture the feel of a traditional Barber Shop with an industrial undertone.

Ceramic tile with a distressed wood appearance was chosen for the floor due to its durability and easy maintenance in a salon setting. A white beadboard wainscot and vintage subway tile on the walls provide an intense contrast from the distressed brick, dark floors and deep-toned casework. The columns were accented in brick to further enhance the urban feel of the space. The salon chairs and casework hardware at the stations have a vintage flair. The ceiling, along with the ductwork, was painted black and left exposed. Industrial style light fixtures illuminate the space and additional track lighting accentuates each station. Warm and bold colors from the Baxter’s brand were utilized throughout the space to reinforce the salon’s identity.


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