Blue Earth County Ditch No. 56

Blue Earth County Ditch No. 56

Blue Earth County, MN

ISG completed an inventory of CD 56 by inspecting nine miles of open ditch utilizing photos, field books, and hand held GPS units to precisely mark areas of interest. Together, the inventory and topographic survey revealed that sediment, vegetation, and other obstructions were blocking flow and in turn reducing the capacity of the CD 56 system. To resolve these issues, ISG prepared a report outlining a list of recommended repairs which included open ditch cleaning, water and sediment control basins (WASCOBs), a two stage ditch, buffer seeding, and tile outlet repairs. Further slough repairs, brush and shrub clearing, and altered culvert crossings minimize erosion and improve the system’s drainage coefficient. ISG prepared cost estimates for each option, and a multi-purpose drainage management (MDM) plan was used to aid with funding. Measures within the plan were aimed at controlling sediment and water storage, minimizing nutrient loss, sustaining healthy soils, and increasing the ditch’s capacity.


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