Blue Earth County Ditch No. 77

Blue Earth County Ditch No. 77

Landowners requested a cleaning of Blue Earth County Ditch No. 77. A topographic survey was performed to inspect the ditch bottom and it was found to be 1.5 feet or more over-cleaned, but due to subsidence of peat ground on the upper end of the watershed, tiles were under water. The landowners looked to formulate a solution.

During the investigation, a box culvert that was on the end of the system was found to be in poor condition. Through discussions with the County Public Works Department, it was acknowledged that the culvert was scheduled for replacement. Meetings with landowners led to the development of a plan to improve the ditch by resizing the culvert, lowering the culvert 1.5 feet, and lowering the proposed ditch bottom throughout the system.

This improvement was initially met with resistance by the DNR as the ditch system drains directly into Rice Lake, although an agreement was reached to develop an in-channel sediment basin for the downstream portion of the open ditch. This basin was constructed by lowering the bottom of the ditch 2.5 feet lower than the outlet to the system thus providing sediment storage, which in turn keeps the lake cleaner and reduces system maintenance costs. This provided a positive solution for the DNR and also improved drainage for the landowners. As a result, the land owners saved $38,000.


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