Fairmont Water Treatment Plant

Fairmont Water Treatment Plant

Fairmont, MN

The City of Fairmont, MN had utilized Budd Lake as a raw water source since 1897 when the first pumping facility for raw water withdrawal was installed. The previous water treatment plant was at the site of the original plant, constructed nearly eighty years ago. In addition to a drought crisis and water restrictions, the plant was also experiencing capacity limitations, significant challenges related to aging infrastructure, seasonal treatment shortcomings, and projected treatment deficiencies with respect to future regulatory requirements. As a result, the City embarked on a project to construct a new plant on an adjacent site to the existing facility.

The new plant is situated across the street from the former plant at the site of Budd School which was demolished. The facility is a 5.4 million gallon per day (MGD) lime softening plant with granular activated absorbers for taste and odor control. The design incorporated energy saving solar tube lighting for a reduced electrical demand during the day and landscaping with rain gardens to reduce stormwater runoff. The plant is online and has been an uncompromising success, both in terms of operations and water quality.

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