Hometown Energy Wind Turbines

Hometown Energy Wind Turbines

As the need for alternative energy sources expands, the desire for additional wind energy capacity continues to grow. Work was completed on foundation design, site planning, and stormwater permitting for twelve turbine sites across Minnesota as a part of the Hometown Power Initiative. Structural engineers provided cost effective and timely service in the design of the foundations for these facilities.

Experience in various foundation types has proven successful. Among the most common in the wind energy field are spread (shallow) foundations, drilled piers (deep foundation), and helical piers (deep foundation). The selection of foundation type is based on the geotechnical characteristics of the soil at the location of the tower. As this can vary across a site, each tower is individually reviewed and designed to determine the most efficient design.

Quality construction practices are equally important to the success of the project and providing construction inspection services ensures that the facility is built to the specifications. Throughout the design process, encouragement of an open dialog between all parties involved in the project maximized the value of services. Providing engineers with licensure in numerous states, including three of the top five wind energy production states, and our NCEES certification allows for the ability to quickly obtain licensure in additional states and meet the needs of any wind energy project.


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