Pizza Ranch

Pizza Ranch


6,120 Square Feet

With multiple locations in several states, design services are continually required for both renovations and new construction for this growing franchise. The typical restaurant capacity is 224, with approximately 6,120 square-feet of restaurant space.

To maintain brand consistency and control construction costs in stores across the country, ISG prepared a prototype design for the restaurant. Through changes in both materials and construction methods, the modified prototype reduced construction expenses while allowing for creative uses of materials and a refreshed facade to the restaurants.

Assistance with pre-design services during the site selection process, as well as coordination with the various vendors including beverage and kitchen equipment suppliers, allows this growing restaurant chain to expand while maintaining a consistent presence throughout the region.

Pizza Ranch location specific: Manhattan, Kansas:
In addition to full-service design and construction administration services, assistance with the City approval process was necessary, including the required PUD Amendment, Site Plan Approval, and Exterior Elevation Approval. The restaurant has a 224-seat capacity and is based on a corporate prototype plan.

While prototype restaurants maintain consistency, there are site situations that require innovation. In this instance, challenges were met and overcome as the property is in the 100-year flood plain requiring the building elevation to be raised. Furthermore, pedestrian and utility easements encumbered the perimeter of the south, east, and north property lines. The easements reduced the buildable area for parking requiring an innovative design solution to meet the 92 parking spaces required by the City.


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