US Highway 20

US Highway 20

Sac and Calhoun Counties, IA

U.S. Highway 20 in Iowa is a major east-west artery which runs across the state of Iowa, extending from Sioux City to Dubuque. Although several segments of Highway 20 have been reconstructed as four-lane divided highway, there are still several segments that remain rural, two-lane highway. Construction staking services were provided for grading and paving contractors for the construction of a new route for US Highway 20, extending from Highway 71 to Highway 4 in Sac and Calhoun counties. The new highway was designed as a four-lane expressway which crossed several State highways and streams, requiring that multiple highway overpass and bridge crossings be incorporated into the design.

Highway 20 was one of the last projects designed by the Iowa Department of Transportation with plans and project quantities in metric units. ISG was responsible to provide control for the machine grading for the entire project and staking for paving operations over approximately sixteen miles of US 20, from just east of Sac City to Iowa Highway 4. Great relationships and excellent communication enabled the contractor to successfully complete the project well ahead of schedule. As a result, the contractor won a silver award in the American Concrete Pavement Association Excellence in Concrete Pavement Divided Highways (Rural) category.

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