West High School Cafeteria

West High School Cafeteria

Mankato, MN

Enrollment in Mankato’s School District is on the rise and expected to continue growing. As a result, the Mankato West High School cafeteria required expansion and improvement, which was one of many remodeling projects within ISD 77 that passed in a recent School Board referendum. ISG designed the cafeteria’s complete renovation to meet increasing enrollment and the food service expectations of its 1,180 student population.

Space usage was a significant factor during this project, as the newly expanded cafeteria would take the place of an area that had previously served as a small theater and seating area. To maximize the possible uses of the expansion, the cafeteria was planned with an open and flexible layout, allowing it to function as a secondary lecture/classroom space. The lunchroom also offers various seating options including traditional cafeteria tables with stools, a high top counter, round and rectangular tables with chairs, and booth-style tables to accommodate different school events.

Convenience was also a value that influenced schematic designs. The service area is more consolidated than before, simplifying the dining experience for the students. Furthermore, multiple personal mobile charging stations were integrated into the seating arrangements to modernize the expansion.

The renovation of Mankato West High School’s cafeteria provided the opportunity to establish a positive gathering space for students to use every day. Mankato West’s colors, scarlet red and black, are accented in tiled columns and painted in patterns on walls to encourage school spirit.

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