West High School Science Lab

West High School Science Lab

7,010 Square Feet

Enrollment in this school district is on the rise and is expected to continue. As a result, Mankato West High School needed to update science labs in order to accommodate the growing student population.

The science lab project was a renovation of the schools third floor south wing. Five existing classrooms and two existing outdated science labs were reconfigured in order to create three larger science labs and three larger classrooms.

The classrooms were outfitted with new ceilings, finishes and technology, as well as new HVAC systems. The labs include new finishes from ceilings to chemical resistant flooring. HVAC systems were installed in order to ensure proper ventilation for chemicals. All new chemical resistance science lab casework was installed including wash sinks and gas connections. In order to meet ADA standards, casework and counters were designed to provide adequate accessibility. The newly renovated classrooms and labs provide students with an updated and safer learning area in which to participate in the science program.

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