Through well-engineered and designed facilities, ISG helps our partners in agriculture make the most of their building investments by providing solutions that maximize productivity, improve system efficiency, and protect both human and animal health on-site. ISG leads designs for the full array of ag facilities, from feedlots to sow buildings, and understands the complex, sensitive needs of the animals and farmers they serve.

Just as the landscapes of our environments are changing, so too are the expectations and challenges facing professionals in the ag industry. Not only to ag facility projects require competence with engineered plans, soil profiles, construction inspections, concrete testing, environmental assessment worksheets, site design, and land surveying, but each farmer also needs to consider strict state and county regulations. Utilizing our expertise navigating permitting and approval processes, ISG helps our ag clients expedite environmental approvals, enhance production, and minimize maintenance and repair costs – all while reducing each operation’s overall environmental.

Brian Blomme
The animal feedlot industry is constantly expanding and demanding increased flexibility from farmers and facilities alike. We work with partners to develop solutions that support changing production and operational needs also in addition to meeting state and county feedlot requirements.

Brian Blomme | Agricultural Engineer