Water Resources Management

Agriculture, the environment, and our water resources are constantly evolving and reaffirming the importance of effective and sustainable drainage systems that increase water quality. ISG focuses on providing realistic drainage solutions for outdated systems that support enhanced crop production, long-term cost-effectiveness, and protect surrounding habitats and ecosystems.

With direct, translatable experience, our team listens to landowner needs and encourages meaningful cooperation between the drainage authorities, agencies, and stakeholders invested in the future of our fields and streams. We understand that trust is at the center of any successful drainage project and embrace our role in helping to establish project consensus across each project’s invested groups.

At ISG, we support our client’s drainage and water quality efforts by engaging in community and project related events, exploring opportunities to make record keeping and service needs efficient, and proactively identifying funding opportunities backed by grant services. Coupled with our own industry expertise, we help improve drainage capacity and water quality by introducing innovative systems such as nutrient downstream reduction, BMPs, and bioreactors – each that support the continued growth of the agricultural sector and reduced environmental impacts.