Civic + Culture

At ISG, we value and strive to wholly understand our clients’ aspirations. Nowhere is this goal more intricately important than when working with our civic and cultural clients. Since public and group involvement is the cornerstone of these projects, it’s our commitment to listen and bring a multitude of ideas together to create the very best outcome.

A variety of stakeholders embody the spirit of a community. ISG makes it our business to get to know the people and their dreams for their community and organizations. Once we identify those dreams, we take the time to balance them with the needs, budgets and scores of other factors impacting the success of a project. The outcome is a building or space that is functional, dynamic, aesthetically pleasing and a reflection of the people who spend time there—a place of distinction, unique to them.

ISG’s multi-disciplinary team experts have a deep respect for the historical significance that can often be inherent in a civic project. They’re adept at combining that historical respect with their knowledge of sustainability trends to add pertinence to both new and reuse projects. Our design solutions combine this artful craft with a mindful eye on the dollars spent.

ISG’s expertise in civic and cultural planning, design, and engineering is highlighted by a variety of projects including community centers, museums, parks, churches, recreational facilities and urban planning projects.

Bryan Paulsen, AIA, CID, LEED AP
Whether our partners are looking to celebrate old traditions or establish new, our team designs civic and cultural spaces that cost-effectively increase resident opportunities and the quality of community life.

Bryan Paulsen, AIA, CID, LEED AP | Principal, Senior Architect