It is crucial for business leaders to align their use of space with business strategies and image. Businesses demand function and the flexibility to accommodate growth, change, efficiency, and employee wellness. In working with corporate clients, ISG is committed to providing integrated solutions for building performance and quality while keeping an eye toward the future.

From office towers and corporate campuses to individual offices, ISG helps business leaders plan and design innovative structures and environments. We bring client’s spaces that incorporate sustainable features and enhance the workplace with components that maximize performance, reduce operating costs, and make a bold statement that expresses company culture and image.

ISG is involved from the very beginning of the project process to help create a meaningful master plan. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts support that plan with land surveys, environmental assessments, utility plans, and other vital engineering services. ISG’s creative design professionals then craft buildings and environments that incorporate the identified function and flexibility needed. They are highly skilled at meeting workforce requirements, such as building universal access and ergonomics into the design, for enhanced employee productivity and satisfaction.

Christopher DeWaal
Corporate spaces are a reflection of each business’ employee culture and company values. From site selection and workplace design to energy efficiency and building performance, our solutions constantly evolve to support the strategic goals of each corporate client.

Christopher DeWaal | Associate Principal, Practice Group Leader