Inspiring the consumer and heightening their shopping experience, all while strengthening the clients’ bottom line drives ISG’s team to provide responsive solutions that supports clients’ merchandising and sales goals as well as ongoing building needs.

From national retail chains, to retail malls and Main Street shops, ISG helps clients research, plan, design, and maintain retail spaces that work, allowing clients to focus on the priority of their daily activities. Our role in planning new and large retail projects starts with the creation of a site layout, supported by land surveys, environmental assessments, utility plans, and other engineering services. Through the architectural design phase of retail projects, large and small, we work closely with investors, owners, and management to craft spaces that draw people in, embrace brand loyalty, value purchasing patterns, and maximize dollars per square foot. The result is an environment that attracts shoppers, makes them linger, and moves them seamlessly through a space to buy and revisit.

Kevin Bills
Our design and engineering teams help retail clients balance national presence and signature branding with the local character of each community. This provides customers the familiar experience they expect from each location, making sites recognizable across the country.

Kevin Bills | Project Architect