Pre K-12

Inspiring and high-performing buildings improve educational outcomes. At ISG, that fact is the cornerstone of each PreK-12 space we design. Whether designing new spaces, renovating existing buildings, or performing deferred maintenance projects, ISG’s multi-disciplinary team of experts help build an effective long-term plan that not only encourages learning but reduces operating costs and offers responsive, sustainable solutions to accommodate the rapidly changing educational environment.

ISG partners with education clients to advance their strategic goals, efficiently utilize resources, including funding, energy, existing facilities, and real estate. We work closely with administration and staff to fully understand their needs, prepare cost estimates, funding evaluations, and phased plans. And, we work to minimize construction interruptions through thoughtful scheduling and phase planning.  At the end, it is our goal to make a campus memorable, preserve its history, and integrate ever-changing technology with learning objectives.

ISG has the unique ability to work with diverse groups of advocates, parents, staff, and students to help inform communities about proposed school initiatives and garner consensus and fiscal support to make their learning environments a reality.

Paul Lawton, AIA, LEED AP, ALEP
“As designers and architects of educational experiences, we have a responsibility to consider the whole student and the whole District.”

Paul Lawton, AIA, LEED AP, ALEP | Vice President, Architecture