Government + Cultural

City halls, fire stations, correctional facilities, community and recreational centers, parks and other publicly funded entities are invaluable spaces that serve the people. ISG works diligently to design secure, efficient and sustainable public structures, all while keeping in mind that taxpayers expect and deserve ease, innovation, high performance and value from today’s government.  Not only are these buildings and spaces a reflection on how our government is perceived by its citizens, but they represent the spirit of each community they serve. We know the importance of creating spaces and buildings that make citizens proud and connect them to a true sense of community belonging.

We work closely, alongside our public sector clients and stakeholders knowing they have a keen responsibility to keep expenditures within the budgeted plan, as well as to keep maintenance costs low. ISG’s multi-disciplinary team experts support this goal by creating effective, functional plans, facilities and infrastructure that are enduring, secure, innovative, welcoming and historically sound.

R.E. “Bear” Daniel, PE
High-performing facility systems keep operating costs low and allow local governments to invest resources where it matters most – the communities they serve.

R.E. “Bear” Daniel, PE | Practice Group Leader