At ISG, our experienced team understands today’s complex healthcare environment. We know it’s not enough to simply design a pleasant and efficient space. Evolving medical technologies require healthcare facilities to be flexible by design. We know how to add lasting value that builds growth into facilities and operations with strong master planning and design strategies.

The healthcare facilities we create meld together settings that enhance patient care and comfort, are responsive to staff requirements and are economically beneficial to the project’s stakeholders.

We address the need to care for more people at less cost, while upholding high quality and service standards. ISG helps our healthcare clients reduce operational costs by designing facilities that improve staff efficiencies and flexibility, while maintaining an inviting, easily navigable and supportive environment for patients.

From new hospitals, clinics, major additions, research facilities, renovations or medical office buildings, ISG can help clients plan and design healthcare facilities that advance their core mission—providing the best possible care for their patients, and environments to help patients heal, strengthen and thrive.

David Hofmann
The healthcare industry is learning more and more about how hospital and clinic design affects medical services, staff experience, and patient healing. Armed with this valuable knowledge, we work to translate new findings into long-term solutions for partners in medicine.

David Hofmann | Project Architect