Affordable Housing

Thoughtful, pleasing, and smart designs make a difference—particularly in the creation of Affordable Housing. At ISG, we understand that public housing has a stigma to overcome. We seek to create buildings and sites that are more than just concrete boxes erected for the provision of shelter. So while we strive for attractive surroundings and curb appeal, we also want to be sure residences are livable, energy efficient, and foster upbeat resident interaction. It’s about creating community with special features and common spaces that encourage people to enjoy their home outside of their individual dwelling space. Shared gardens, play areas, pathways, and parks are all important aspects of creating a vibrant and positive affordable living environment.

Jeremy Wiesen
Everyone deserves an affordable place to call home, and we work hard to design vibrant and safe communities that are accessible to all families and diverse resident groups.

Jeremy Wiesen | Project Architect