Assisted Living

Operational trends are continuing to shift in the assisted living industry, as the market that once reflected institutionalized care now embraces a community approach and healing. ISG provides design solutions that foster relationships between residents and staff, and help those who call the campus home continue to pursue meaningful life experiences. From memory care and senior living facilities to independent living and care suite campuses, ISG works with development partners to help plan and manage major construction and renovation projects that create on-campus neighborhoods. This includes incorporating natural color palettes, secure outdoor opportunities, gathering spaces for residents, and comfortable places for visitors to use when spending time with family.

Since many active seniors seeking assisted living housing are drawn to group settings geared toward “social engagement”, ISG’s independent living designs revolve around the importance of empowering a happier, healthier aging population and their increasingly active lifestyles. Through ISG’s design, residents are provided amenities such as fitness areas, coffee shops, convenience stores, club rooms, and other activity spaces. Backed by the same security technology and nursing staff typical of assisted living quarters, these facilities provide desired amenities without compromising safety, health, enjoyment, or design.

Joey Wendinger
Adapting to the evolving needs of residents through thoughtful planning and strategic design has helped form long-lasting relationships with developers across the housing market and continues to improve care for residents throughout the U.S.

Joey Wendinger | Associate Principal, Project Manager + Construction Administrator