In 1986, a revolutionary neighborhood-commercial zoning code was passed in Seattle that mandated active retail use at the base of multifamily buildings in many neighborhood communities. Since that time, mixed-use housing/commercial space has exploded throughout the country.

ISG is committed to creating mixed-use spaces that are responsive to current local trends and combine complementary spaces and environments. We apply direct expertise to help clients with visioning, research, and budget planning to ensure a dynamic, successful development. In addition to planning, we understand the importance of a made-to-last, highly functional building that works both on the residential and retail sides of the market. ISG offers an integrated suite of services including land surveying, architectural design, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, civil engineering, and landscape design to bring these exciting commercial and housing developments to the marketplace.

Staci Flemming, IIDA, CID, LEED AP
Understanding end users is at the core of our interior design practices, especially when it comes to modern professionals and families in mixed-use buildings. We seek to provide design that promote privacy and bring warmth that help make urban spaces feel like home.

Staci Flemming, IIDA, CID, LEED AP | Senior Interior Designer